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  • Ultra-compact design - A patented, space-saving system featuring stackable bowls on the base, for ultracompact storage and ultimate convenience
  • Healthy Cooking: Low-fat steam cooking maintains maximum vitamins and nutritional value ; BPA-free bowls for total peace of mind
  • Easy to use: Smart features like a 60-minute timer, an indicator light during heating, 6 spots in each bowl to cook eggs, an easily viewable water level and unlimited autonomy with the ability to refill water while steaming is in progress
  • Easy to store: A convenient steam cooker with a patented ultra-compact storage system with stackable bowls (including rice bowl) on the base
  • Perfect capacity: The large 9 L capacity 3-bowl multi-tier system uses three steaming bowls at once, saving time while offering enough for special occasions and everyday use
  • Generous rice bowl: A large 1 L rice bowl, ensuring enough rice for the whole family
  • Easy to clean: Dishwasher-safe bowls, rice bowl, lid and juice tray
  • Repairability: A 10-year repairable product—with low-cost, fast delivery from 6500 repair centers worldwide—part of our commitment to help protect the environment and cut down on waste

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